Meet Brentwood’s newest author….

12719355_10153558557623752_929535553664307723_oThat would be me!  I am very excited to say that I have just finished writing a book with my good friend and fabulous co-author Gill Eastgate.  No-one who knows me will be surprised to hear that it’s about a magical kingdom of dogs!

Bailey and I were live with Mike Jones in the Phoenix FM studio today whilst Gill and her dog Stanley, the protagonist of the first book in the Tzu Kingdom series, were on the phone from chilly Edinburgh, where the book begins.  But most of it takes place behind those fairy doors in the enchanted world of Tzu Kingdom!

The book will be available to pre-order from 8th March and you can find out more from today’s interview and, in the meantime, please follow @TzuKingdom on Twitter and Tzu Kingdom on Facebook then you will be the first to own a first edition!  You can email if you want to be on my advance list!

It’s ideal for children and adults with an imagination with some great stories, funny scenes and a serious side too when they rescue tzus-in-peril as part of their promise to the fairies who gave them the land.

We have both loved writing it and hope you love reading it.

Book Two is already at sketching out stage…..





Planning applications 18 January to 1 February 2016


The following applications are currently “pending consideration”.  Please get in touch with any queries or requests for referrals.

30-40% crown reduction to 4 Lime trees. (TPO10/2010) Open for Comment

25 Gerrard Crescent Brentwood Essex CM14 4JU

Ref. No: 16/00070/TPO | Validated: Wed 20 Jan 2016 | Status: Pending Consideration

St Peter’s School expansion – update (ish)



St Peters School South Weald

Frustratingly, I have been unable to get much of an answer from Cllr Ann Naylor, Conservative county councillor for St Peter’s School, or any response at all from ward councillor Anne Coe as to why this expansion was turned down.

This is the primary school of choice for many residents in my ward (although outside of my ward) and I am disappointed that there doesn’t seem to be any fighting and campaigning (or even knowledge) amongst those who represent South Weald.

This evening, I have written to Cllr Roger Hirst, conservative cabinet member for planning at Essex, and await a response.


Dear Roger

Last night you interjected when this was mentioned and said it was the Brentwood Planners who had scuppered the expansion of St Peter’s School.  That kind of an odd answer to give us, ultimately, it is the Essex planning committee that make the decision and I understand you are cabinet member.

Could you give me a little more detail on this as I have a lot of frustrated parents in my ward looking for answers as to why they will have to cart their poor children all over Brentwood rather than helping them build a community on their doorstep.

I would also hope that there is an appetite and action plan to make this happen soon.

Many thanks


Planning applications: 1 to 17 January 2016


The following applications are currently “pending consideration”.  Please get in touch with any queries or requests for referrals.


Honeypot Lane/Weald Road/Homesteads: Tory development plan revealed


So this is where the Conservatives want to build between 150 – 250 homes (or maybe as many as 300) right beside Honeypot Lane, in a piece of land up to the A12 and neighbouring the Homesteads and Weald Road.

It’s funny, because in 2012 I reported this to local residents and they told me I was scaremongering.  I wasn’t it seems, and it is still rotten news to report.

Our options on fighting this are limited – this will shortly go to consultation and I will, if re-elected in May, keep you informed of what’s going on, stage-by-stage, but if they continue to have an overwhelming majority on the council and this is what leader Cllr McKinlay has decided they will always be able to outvote us.  Remember, councillors from as far away as West Horndon and Ingatestone will have an equal vote on your local area.

Cllr Newberry, Cllr Kendall and I will make representations on your behalf and I will ensure you know where to object.

Of course, I will be supporting residents and voting against these proposals as long as I am there to do so.  The council will discuss these on 27 January.



William Hunter Way – the Tory monstrosity returns

Looks like we are back to Square One in William Hunter Way now the Conservatives are back in control.

Last year, we had a Town Centre Group that included residents who lived locally to the town centre and they were able to have an enormous amount of input in to what they wanted in the town centre.  It wasn’t what you see above, but a small boutique cinema (see here).

But, as the Tories keep saying, the people voted them back in and, therefore, that’s what you want.  Along with the sale of Old House.

Just shows, you’ve got to be careful what you vote for,,,


Expansion of St Peter’s School, South Weald

Concerned parents have been in touch asking me about the recent planning decision to refuse an expansion of St Peter’s School in South Weald to allow a higher intake.

I had no information as the school isn’t in my ward and because the decision was a purely County Council one.  I rang County Cllr David Kendall and he shared my disappointment that this was refused.

I have asked the County Cllr for South Weald to give me an update on the situation and indicate where we can go from here as it does seem there is a case for this that I would be happy to support.

Planning applications 7 November to 31 December 2015



The following applications are currently “pending consideration”.  Please get in touch with any queries or requests for referrals.

Demolition of single storey side element. Single storey side extension and alterations to ground floor rear fenestration Open for Comment

10 Firsgrove Crescent Warley Essex CM14 5JL

Ref. No: 15/01548/FUL | Validated: Thu 03 Dec 2015 | Status: Pending Consideration