Tory funds & plans for council home maintenance DO NOT exist

West 8 (masefield court)

Residents have been calling me in the last few weeks after reading my latest newsletters in which i divulge the shocking admission made by Conservative-run Brentwood council that demonstrates a complete lack of planning and abdication of responsibility.

Of course, residents are worried.  In over 10 years in charge the Conservative administrations has failed to put aside money to maintain council houses and flats. Drake House alone needs £700,000 spent on it (new boilers and lifts), Masefield Court needs considerable refurbishment, there are two elderly homes that will need lift replacements and Railway Square and Sir Francis Way need attention due to ongoing damp issues.
This is deplorable behaviour. Maintenance of our council homes should be a priority but the Tories ignore those who most need help.

Pastoral Way – parking restrictions


pastoral way


#BrentwoodWest #Clements Park

For a few weeks now, I have been running a resident survey regarding the parking restrictions opposite Beechwood Surgery in Pastoral Way.

I have had a good response, and I won’t say which way it is leaning at the moment, but this is just to let everyone know that I am going to close the survey next weekend (end of Saturday 21 November) and report on the results, submitting them to the South Essex Parking Partnership if the call is for increased parking restrictions.

So this is just a last call to complete the survey HERE.

Oh, but just one thing.  We can’t do anything about the parking in the surgery car park, that’s private land.  We can only do something about the on-street parking.


Planning applications 10 October to 6 November 2015



The following applications are currently “pending consideration”.  Please get in touch with any queries or requests for referrals.

Planning applications 28 September to 9 October



The following applications are currently “pending consideration”.



Planning applications 20 to 27 September 2015


Pastoral Way parking survey

pastoral way

If you live in Clements Park, this survey is to help you!

I have been advised by residents that parking around the Beechwood Surgery is still a problem.

In order to even start discussions on increased restrictions, I need to know, and have evidence of, local opinion.  Therefore I have set up a very short survey just to see what you think.

You can access it here.

Planning applications 14 to 19 September 2015


This week, there are new applications in Kavanaghs Terrace and Vaughan Williams Way:

Please get in touch if I can help with any of these.

Drain Cover in St James Road

St James Road drain coverResponse received from Essex Council over this broken drain cover!  Are we finally getting somewhere?

Dear Cllr Chilvers

 I refer to your online report received on 03 August 2015 regarding a drain cover on St James Road, Brentwood.

 Your enquiry has been reviewed and will require further investigation. We are currently awaiting information from Highways and you will receive a full response as soon as this information is received.