A sad crime in #BrentwoodWest

A very upsetting crime has taken place in Sanders Court in Junction Road and Cllr John Newberry and I have offered support to the residents there.

For reasons we may never fully understand, one of the residents in this assisted-living complex, started to steal from his friends and neighbours (as reported by the Brentwood Gazette) and has now gone to prison for 16 months.  As my grandmother lives here, I have been personally quite concerned about this and so glad it is all over.

But, I also want to assure residents that this isn’t a crime wave.  This was one individual who did wrong, and he was caught.  However, we do of course have a retired ex-police sergeant on the team in Brentwood West and he’s offered to give a crime talk to any of the five retirement homes we have in Brentwood.


Crescent Road planning proposal

Tonight I went along to the Q&A that the potential developer of the disused site in Crescent Road, backing on to Pennyfields, in to TWELVE flats with 18 parking spaces are proposing.

Many residents still think that this area has a convenant on it and, to be honest, I was also of that view.  It may have, and this is being checked out by the developers as many residents hope that this will remain as a green space.

However, after seven years of planning application experience, I am sorry to say that these things can be “gotten around” and I think most residents are resigned to the fact that something will be built on there.

I spoke to a few residents who came along and I have been upfront, as you would expect, and asked them to consider the pros and cons of the application. I have been quite clear that I will stand up for them – it’s their opinion that counts and I represent them – rather than my own view.

We’ve talked over a lot of issues with the developers tonight and, it’s not a bad development and it does have a decent amount of parking.  Residents just need to let me know if they oppose it or can accept it.

I am concerned about it because I am pretty certain that something will go there over the next few years and I would prefer to work with a developer who wants to put in a sympathetic development, because there are plenty that don’t.

But, as always, I am your representative and I will represent your views, not mine…


brunel house

Cllr John Newberry, my superb ward colleague, was awesome last week when he spoke on the above planning application on behalf of Brentwood West, as was the exceptionally good speaker Laura Ngo, who spoke on residents’ behalf.

Another 45 flats here would be, as he said, squeezing a quart into a pint pot and the committee listened and voted AGAINST!

Time and time again,we tell developers that we can’t fit any more large numbers of people in to this area – although there were some parking spaces – one for every two flats – this doesn’t take into account the fact that these residents would have shopping delivered, medical visitors and, oh yes, friends and family.

There’s also quite real concerns about the limited access to properties in St James Road and Rollason Way.

My colleagues also spoke in some detail about the problems that carers have parking there and placing them in danger, supporting the residents and the sustainability of Brentwood.

It’s worth watching THIS bit of video, if not simply to see who is standing up for you but also for the classic piece of Tory living-in-a-fantasy world-nonsense spouted by new Tory councillor William Trump – apparently you should all just get on your bikes (not listening to the points made about visiting health professionals made by Cllr Morrissey!)

We will keep on fighting!

Crescent Road planning plans

Residents have received a note from a developer regarding a potential development on the piece of land between Pennyfields and Crescent Road.  I don’t know any more than this at the moment, but I do intend to come along on Tuesday night to the developers’ Q&A session.

At this stage, best to go with an open mind and see exactly what’s planned – it could be an improvement – it could be awful,  So let’s go along and find out and take a decision from that.

What’s for sure, I will speak up for residents when it comes to planning permission.

Current planning permissions sought

lego-houseSo, the whole process of planning notifications have changed – it’s a lot easier but it’s going to take me a little while to fathom out the best way to represent it, until it finds its level!

So, I have done a search for all current planning permissions sought in Brentwood West and it has produced the list below.  Feel free to get in touch over any of these, none have yet been either approved or refused:

Planning recommendations week ending 20th June 2015

THE LAST EVER WEEKLY REPORT!  And, the last ever planning recommendation is one in #BrentwoodWest!

Don’t panic – there’s a better system coming through that the Accord Administration approved because this system is way out of date!  I will still be keeping you informed….


In #Brentwoodwest this week there are recommendations in Brook Road.

Please note THIS IS NOT yet a decision – I am able to refer to planning committee now.


Recommended for APPROVAL


If you have any issues with the above officer recommendation then please get in touch with me as soon as possible. The deadline for referral is midday on Monday 29th June 2015 to refer the above item to the Planning Committee for further discussion.

For more information on the planning process, please see my advice here.

Another body blow for democracy as Tories remove budget

Democracy - 1

The Accord’s financial provision for promoting democracy has been wiped from the budget by the Tories because they see it as a “job for political parties”.

Well, they would they have millions to promote Conservatism – a point made by Professor Brian May on Question Time recently over the money that they have and how they won the election.

Where does that leave independent candidates and smaller parties if the only view voters get is the Tory one?

So, my vision is that the council promotes democracy, where to find information, how to vote, information on different levels of government etc etc etc…..

Let’s hope we can tweet over the noise!


Tory Cllr Hirst’s lack of understanding about disability rides again


On Wednesday, I had to call for Cllr Roger Hirst to apologise when he made disparaging remarks about Cllr Barry Aspinell’s visual impairment.

Once again, a total lack of understanding of those less fortunate than him and not enjoying good health.

The sad thing is, he had a serious accident recently when he fell of his horse and there but for the grace of a higher being…….

Unravelling good work, row by row


I will always be proud of being in The Accord Administration and making a massive contribution to Brentwood.  We had ideas for revenue generation and plans for the long term sustainability of Brentwood.  So, it was crushing the other night to watch the Tories unravel it, row by row.

Old House will now go back on the market, we won’t have the apprentices we planned to have to give young people opportunities, the community and ward budgets are slashed, the borough bulletin has been binned…..and that’s just what they have had to ‘fess up to.

Here’s me, speaking up for the things that I made happen last year, that are now being unpicked – CLICK HERE.