New planning applications 18-30 July 2015

buildingThis week, I spy applications in Crescent Road and Westwood Avenue:

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St James Road flats – what’s going on at Brunel House?

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Residents have contacted me concerned to see a sign go up next to Brunel House advertising “a development of one and two bedroom flats”.  Well, that’s news to me.

You see, there was an application and it got heard in June at the planning meeting.  It was REFUSED.

There haven’t been any other applications since so I can only assume that it is one of the following (unfortunately, tory controlled Brentwood are still showing it as “awaiting consideration” so that’s no help to you or me):

  • They have won an appeal (but there has been no mention of it going to appeal
  • The sign has been put up in error (hmmmmm)
  • The developers are arrogant enough to think that they will win an appeal and have put the sign up anyway.

I will do my best to find out what’s going on.

Tim Farron MP is our new leader

tim farron mp


I am delighted to say that Tim Farron is our new leader!  This is a real new dawn for liberal Britain after, shall we say, a difficult time!  People are now starting to see what we did in government and give us credit for it, when before they just wanted to destroy and punish us.

With Tim, we will be therefighting for fairness for everyone, so….

Tim quote 4

The Great Tory Unsaving of Brentwood

034I can’t be the only one concerned, following the Tory sell of of The Old House last month, that other things that were agreed under The Accord last year are going to be unpicked by the Conservative administration that Brentwood has entrusted to run the town?

I am worried that this is just the first in a long line of things that will be undone.

What’s next?

  • Will the Town Hall be sold off, as the originally intended?

  • Will the William Hunter Way development return to the ugly development that they wanted?

  • Are thousands of homes in West Horndon back on the agenda?

Keep watching…..,

New planning applications – 17 July 2015

buildingThis week, I spy applications in Junction Road and Tower Hill:

Please get in touch if you want to discuss these any further.

The Inner Chamber benefit

foxy ricky gervais

Up until 8th May, there had been Lib Dems in national government for five years and a Lib Dem led administration in Brentwood.  Then, along came the general election, the politics of fear and we are almost wiped out in government (although we are busy rebuilding with 18,000 new members and, as of Thursday, a new leader – who I hope will be Tim Farron) and Brentwood goes blue.  Again.

But what that has left me with is, not just a sense of pride that we did good things in government and at Brentwood Council, but also a knowledge – from my year as part of a council administration – that things can be done differently.

This hit home to me this week as the Brentwood Tories gaily sold off The Old House, backtracking on the Accord’s rescue plan.  Our plan generated ongoing income to the council over the years after all, we will be bankrupt in about five years if we don’t start generating income.  This is what Cllr Louise McKinlay said, as quoted in the Brentwood Gazette as she talked of the Conservatives’ poor record over ten of the previous eleven years:

“Did we do anything around income generation. No.”

Conservative Leader of Brentwood Council, Cllr Louise McKinlay…whom is entrusted with your money…”

But of course, it doesn’t stop at this.

  • Ward budgets and community funding have been slashed

  • More good officers will be losing their jobs

  • The borough bulletin will be scrapped

  • There will be no robust programme for apprentices

  • Free food recycling bags will not be distributed

….and I don’t suspect this will be the end of it.

Which brings me on to Cllr McKinlay’s pal David Cameron and his pal George Osborne.  If you are poor or in need – or just a hard working single parent – then don’t expect to do well out of this.  I already know that one hardworking, single mum who is going to be a whopping £1,600 a year worse off thanks to Dave and George.  This would not have happened if the Lib Dems were still holding them back in government.

Sounds like THIS is coming true…..

true tory

But again, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Fox hunting will make a return to our countryside soon…..there’s nothing more British than having hundreds of toffs on horseback with hounds chasing after a fox to rip limb from limb is there?  Appalling behaviour.
So, as I look back on my (almost) ten years in politics and all its ups and downs, I am comfortable with the fights I have fought.  One thing that always worried me was whether I/we would do anything different if we were in control and it certainly is of comfort to look back and conclude that yes, it can be done differently and for the benefit of the people you represent.
There’s more to come in the next few weeks, I have at least two more exposes to reveal but as my term of office comes to an end in ten months it is time for me to consider whether I have had enough of local politics of whether it is time to walk away.
I have considered both options very carefully and have come to a conclusion.  Is this fight worth it?  Keep this sort of fox-hunting, people-hurting, democracy destroying politics at bay?
Thursday 5th May 2016 – LET’S DO THIS!
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It’s Quackers!

Just got to love this story!  Brentwood firefighters helped out at Hopefield this past week by filling the pond for the ducks and geese this week!  Well done Essex Fire Service and thanks!


Latest Planning Applications – 11 July 2015

buildingNew applications received in Kings Chase and Kings Road:

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss any of the above.


Planning applications

New planning applications in Brentwood West in Westwood Avenue and Selwood Road:

A sad crime in #BrentwoodWest

A very upsetting crime has taken place in Sanders Court in Junction Road and Cllr John Newberry and I have offered support to the residents there.

For reasons we may never fully understand, one of the residents in this assisted-living complex, started to steal from his friends and neighbours (as reported by the Brentwood Gazette) and has now gone to prison for 16 months.  As my grandmother lives here, I have been personally quite concerned about this and so glad it is all over.

But, I also want to assure residents that this isn’t a crime wave.  This was one individual who did wrong, and he was caught.  However, we do of course have a retired ex-police sergeant on the team in Brentwood West and he’s offered to give a crime talk to any of the five retirement homes we have in Brentwood.