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Protecting your community

by Cllr Karen Chilvers on 12 March, 2016

On Monday, I am delighted to say that I have successfully worked with local residents to attempt to protect three specific areas by making them community assets.  They are: Land off Honeypot Lane La Plata Wood Wharf Road/Rollason Way Green   I am delighted that so many people are taking care of their local assets […]

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Proposed move of Warley Hill Post Office

by Cllr Karen Chilvers on 7 March, 2016

The Post Office are consulting on the move of the Warley Hill post office but it won’t go far.  The plans are for it to move from 29 Warley Hill to the Londis, which will be modernised as a result, at 19 Warley Hill. You can access the consultation here – it runs until 14th […]

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Brentwood in the next 20 years….

by Cllr Karen Chilvers on 14 February, 2016

If you want to have your say in the development plan for Brentwood between now and 2037 then it is time to have your say. The Conservative Government has decreed that we need to build 5,500 homes in this time.  Now, I have made it clear that, on behalf of the majority of residents in […]

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St Peter’s School expansion – update (ish)

by Cllr Karen Chilvers on 28 January, 2016

    Frustratingly, I have been unable to get much of an answer from Cllr Ann Naylor, Conservative county councillor for St Peter’s School, or any response at all from ward councillor Anne Coe as to why this expansion was turned down. This is the primary school of choice for many residents in my ward […]

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Wad budget spend: Church tent bought for Church Youth Group

by Cllr Karen Chilvers on 25 February, 2015

John and I have spent another £650 of our ward budget on a tent for the Kings Chase Baptist Church’s Youth Group,  This has been approved and the great thing is that this will be used for a variety of events for groups of all ages but the main reason is so that when the […]

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Brentwood’s future: The most important consultation ever

by Cllr Karen Chilvers on 6 January, 2015

  Today is the launch of the Strategic Growth Options Consultation – it might sound dull but it really is something you should read, consider and engage with by completing THIS response paper. Listed in this consultation are all the sites to be considered for development because Brentwood Council is required to meet local housing needs. […]

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William Hunter Way meeting – Monday 5th Jan 2015

by Cllr Karen Chilvers on 4 January, 2015

Everyone is invited along to the latest meeting of the William Hunter Way working group meeting tomorrow (Monday) to discuss the future of Brentwood.  I am proud to be part of this group as we have advanced this project significantly in six months and are now in a position to move forward having extensively consulted […]

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Cromwell Road Play Area – clarification

by Cllr Karen Chilvers on 12 October, 2014

I just wanted to set the record straight as – once again – little untruths are being told about me.  Conservative Cllr Will Russell is telling residents that, back in 2011, I wanted to the Cromwell Road Play Area shut down. This is completely untrue.  He is threatening to publish an email conversation about it.  I have […]

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William Hunter Way consultation – a reminder

by Cllr Karen Chilvers on 12 October, 2014

  Over the weekend, each household will receive a letter addressed to whoever is on the council tax account about the William Hunter Way consultation and here’s why… On 1st September 2014, after the failure of the former Tory administration’s town centre development (along with eight wasted years and hundreds of thousands of pounds) the […]

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Rollason Chase Community Group meeting

by Cllr Karen Chilvers on 23 February, 2014

John Newberry and I have arranged a meeting for those living in Rollason Way, Railway Square, St James Road, Chase Road, The Mount, Kings Chase, Fairfield Road, La Plata Grove or Wharf Road  on: Wednesday 26 February at 7.30pm at Kings Chase Baptist Church At the meeting we will: – Introduce the Chair and committee […]

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