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Mrs Mayhem’s Brexit smokescreen

by Cllr Karen Chilvers on 19 April, 2017


What are Mrs Mayhem’s motivations for calling a general election.  Brexit? Hmmm….

The rather superb Tom Brake MP just angry tweeted this:

Today’s long fought for debate, challenging the Government on their immoral changes to disability benefit (PIP), has been cancelled by the Government.

The Tories have ensured that vulnerable people will continue to lose benefits which they are entitled to and that people with mental health issues will be discriminated against when claiming benefits.”

I think this tells us what we need to know – under the smokescreen of “We have to get on with this and let’s crush anyone who says different” banner, this evil Tory government will see it as a vote for cutting disabled benefits and crushing the most vulnerable in society.

If they keep brainwashing everyone that it is all about Brexit then they have carte blanche to do whatever they want.

Anyone think that is going to be to make those who can easily afford it pay a little more tax?

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