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A general election is called!

by Cllr Karen Chilvers on 18 April, 2017

Yes, despite Mrs Mayhem the PM categorically stating that she would not call a general election – she has!  I honestly don’t know how these Conservatives can expect anyone to believe them as they twist, turn, u-turn and squirm.  They give us all a bad name.

I haven’t heard for sure whether Tory Sir Eric Pickles will seek another five years as our MP but I do hear that Chelmsford MP Sir Simon Burns is standing down.  That’s a relief as, due to the nonsense he used to talk when he was in the Department of Health, I nearly put my foot through the telly about a hundred times.

We Liberal Democrats are resolutely clear on what we stand for in this general election and I stand right there, at the shoulder of my friend Tim Farron MP, our leader.

As for our candidate, we are just finalising a few legalities and he – or she – will be announced within the next few days…

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