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Vote for Cllr David Kendall on 4th May

by Cllr Karen Chilvers on 17 April, 2017

I have already cast and posted my postal vote for Cllr David Kendall and I hope you will be doing the same, either by post or at the polling station on Thursday 4th May.

As always, it will be close and David needs your support so he can continue to be your councillor at County Hall until 2021.

David has worked tirelessly for us as our county councillor since 2009 and I truly believe he has done his best to fight for you at the rather remote County Hall.  Notable success have included:

  • Installation of a pedestrian crossing on Warley Hill to ensure local residents’ safety when shopping at Tesco.
  • Challenging the Tories’ pothole and pavement repair policy and fighting to get infamous potholes fixed,
  • Successful fight to get repairs in the High Street to limit accidents on the paving slabs.
  • Fighting with the Homesteads residents to correct the council’s errors by the entrance signage.
  • Installation of 20mph zone in Westwood Avenue area.
  • Opposing inappropriate over-developments at Westwood Avenue, Rollason Way and Honeypot Lane.

Of the other candidates – Labour and the Green Party don’t stand a chance here (here, they got less than 15% of the vote between them last year) and it will be a straight fight between David and the Tory candidate who would, if elected, simply agree with the Conservative administration in Chelmsford that simply doesn’t listen to residents, and lets us go on driving over potholes and tripping over uneven pavements, will not make improvements to our schools to cater for our population, never opposes inappropriate planning applications even when they affect the sustainability of our roads BUT sees fit to provide us with a tree sculpture at the Town Hall, even though many residents are struggling.

Or you can have David, with a proven track record of standing up for residents of Brentwood stretching back over 25 years.

However, there is no assurance that David will win.  In 2009, 2010 and 2011 the result in West came down to a margin of 7, 1 and 10 votes.  So please return your vote as soon as you get it or make a diary note to vote on 4th May between 7am and 10pm.

You can help us by telling us when you have voted by replying below or sending an email to and, if you have any time to help, please let us know.


The Liberal Democrats will improve services by:

– Repairing roads and pavements properly the first time, not just patching it up.
– Improving poorly performing schools
– Ensuring every child has a school plce
– Stopping cuts to Library opening hours
– Stopping recycling centre closures and ending restructions on DIY waste
– Stopping inc
reases in parking charges in the country parks
– Protecting concessionary fares for pensioners
– Improving youth provision
– Pressing for county policing to be restored.
– Councillor and officer business trips and conferences will be cut
– The publicity budget will be cut significantly
– Expensive consultants and agency staff will be reduced

The Conservative cuts to services…

Children’s centres have been closed
– Community Transport funding cut
– Side roads and pavements have deteriorated
– Care packages for the elderly have been delayed
– Recycling centres have restricted DIY waste
– Meals on Wheels have ended
– Bus services have been cut
– Traffic congestion has got worse and highways budget has been halved.
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