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Parking charges in Brentwood – confusing?

by Cllr Karen Chilvers on 27 June, 2013

Parking charges were reviewed by Brentwood Council whilst I was on my sabbatical and, although aimed at standardising charges, I came back to a hotch potch of a charging structure and drove a coach and horses through their consultation!

But, am I just biased?  Well, perhaps not!  I offer in evidence this comment from a (non-politically active…i.e. normal) friend of mine in Southend-on-Sea on my personal Facebook page:

“There is no charge in Leigh Broadway-Its free for up to two hours. But I noticed in Brentwood Drivers are being ripped off! £34 & £100+ PCM, People renting out their driveways! Also have I read this right the 1 hr free parking will be located at one Car Park which is a distance from the main shops? Running Shoes I think! What’s this buy 1 hr get 1 free? I am confused already. Oh and Thurs late night shopping-Multi Storey is free after 4pm. There are so many different parking restrictions and rules in Brentwood I am confused.”

And also this:

” In the Broadway Leigh on Sea the 1 hour parking has been increased to 2 hours. Which is so much better for lunch,shopping etc… It has boosted the business in that area and made it so much easier for customers.”

“That’s why shopping centres that don’t charge do so well. Like Lakeside and Bluewater. Even a small place like Leigh Broadway-is just buzzing and I feel it’s because of Free Parking.”


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