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The Tory Shopping List – how your money was spent

by Cllr Karen Chilvers on 28 April, 2013

Tory shopping list

A secret document has fallen in to my hands – the Tories shopping list.  It shows how they’ve spent our money* and I would like to thank them.

Of course, I wanted my hard-earned salary to be spent on fine art, hidden from public view, chauffeurs when I am struggling to fill up with petrol and making sure that Lord Hanningfield and Joanna Killian don’t miss out on Rick Stein’s latest artisan cuisine whilst I’ve been buying cat food in preference to eating properly!

Trust the Tories with our money? You would be crazy!

On Thursday at 10pm we would have elected either hardworking Cllr David Kendall for another time or any Tory spending our money on precisely what we don’t need!

Vote wisely.

* thanks to Cllr Russell Quirk for compiling all those figures into one handy place for me to pinch!