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Elections: challenge your candidates…

by Cllr Karen Chilvers on 15 March, 2013

A cautionary tale as May’s elections draw nearer and the two horse race between Cllr David Kendall and the Tory candidate starts.

Question what is in the leaflets – ask for evidence and facts.

Here’s why!

shop warley day posterLast weekend, ex-Tory councillor William Lloyd popped round to help me with a ward issue.  He is, after all my ward councillor in Warley.

It was to do with a broken fence that separates the Woodman Road Cemetery from the end of my road.  But, a few days later it was fixed.  Around the same time, William emailed me to say he had put in the casework request and I should hear soon.

“It’s fixed!” I said.  “Really, he replied?”  Then I saw him at the Town Hall later and we had a little laugh at his speed.

But then, because we both know how things work we knew that in actual fact, this must have already been planned in as it doesn’t happen that quickly!

“Thing is,” said William, with a wry smile, “in the Tory party we’d have put a street letter out saying it was all down to us!”

Oh yes, I said.  I have seen that happen.

Recently, the Tory candidate Keith Parker put out a leaflet claiming he is a green belt campaigner (he keeps criticising my wish to NOT to build on the green belt and the fact I have oft voted against green belt builds), parking campaigner (he has prevented me from getting results for residents by not supporting me on implementation of agreed parking restrictions in Weald Close and refusing point blank to assist me when two consultations were confusingly happening at the same time in Rollason Way) and speeding campaigner….although I am not aware of anything he has done.

I have asked the Brentwood Tories to substantiate the claims, nothing heard back just yet.

If you want to look at what Cllr David Kendall has done as your county councillor you will find plenty of things on my website here.

But back to Cllr Lloyd who I have always got on rather well with (and I promise you I haven’t dobbed him in, he knows about this post) .

He left the Tories, frustrated with “this sort of thing” and is working to expose what they get up to.

The fact that he had the backbone to do it has to be admired and I appreciate his honesty in not taking the credit for something that he hadn’t done.

But my cautionary tale is this – fact check what people say to get elected.

Cllr David Kendall and I are happy to be challenged at any time and you will always get an honest answer.


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