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Tesco Warley Hill – update

by Cllr Karen Chilvers on 27 February, 2013

shop warley day posterA quick update on Tesco Warley Hill:

Meeting to discuss mitigation measures

Next week, Cllr William Lloyd and I will meet someone from Tesco with a council officer at the Town Hall.  We will be discussing a number of issues including lighting, signage, amenities, access and egress, hours of operation, extension/building works, deliveries and parking,

The main objective of this meeting is to discuss how they will be good neighbours and what they will do to support local residents and businesses.

Planning applications

As we know, but are not happy about, the law changed in 2006 which allows pubs to become supermarkets and we cannot stop it.

What we can do, however, is hold any subsequent planning applications up to scrutiny by referring them to the planning committee.  This includes things like lighting and signage and even some minor alterations.  Councillors receive a list each week of planning applications deposited and recommendations and we have the power to refer it to committee for debate and a vote from the 15 members of planning.

At the meeting an objector is allowed to speak on behalf of neighbours and, also, someone on behalf of an organisation i.e. Stop Warley Tesco.

It’s more likely Cllr Lloyd will refer it rather than me as it is in Warley ward – Brentwood West starts down the middle of the road – the odd numbers up to no 121 in West, everything else (evens and anything beyond 121) in Warley.

I have heard tonight about a cash till being implemented and I am checking, but I think this needs planning permission.

The side extension

We had hoped that this would be subject to a new planning application but sadly not.  I have done all I can but they can still build this without further permission.

The crossing

There has been press coverage and activity about a crossing – one that Tesco would need to pay for.  As we have to assume Tesco will open in the summer, safety has to be a consideration and that includes a crossing.  Due consideration has to be given to this BUT (and this is a big BUT) it would need to be fully assessed and go to consultation in the local area.  No done deals – we Lib Dems consult AND listen but it would be irresponsible not to look into it.

Speed and traffic

Thank you to the local resident who has volunteered to conduct a speed survey on Warley Hill – the police should be round with a speed gun soon!

With regards to congestion, this is a major consideration for Tesco deliveries and this will be a major topic at the meeting we have next week.

Other land surrounding Tesco

I have checked and there has been no other discussions with Brentwood Council about any other land, extensions or parking matters in the vicinity.  Of course, conversations may have been had with private landowners but planning permission will again need to be sought.


Speaking to Londis, they were pleased with the upturn in trade and have welcomed new customers.  We would like to hold another such day in the summer, we will keep you posted.

Just get in touch with me or comment if there’s anything else you want to know or ask!

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