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Shopped Warley!

by Cllr Karen Chilvers on 2 February, 2013

Shop Warley Day

#SHOPWARLEY DAY….and what a great turn out!

Just ten days ago, we had the idea of a Shop Warley Day – asking local residents to support their local traders in the face of the imminent arrival of Tesco Warley Hill.

This was the turn out at 10.30 this morning for a quick photo – and we know a few friends had already been shopping locally!

County Cllr David Kendall, Cllr William Lloyd (Warley ward) and I had already had a scout around to find some unusual items that you won’t find in a Tesco Express – gingerbread cutters, bonnet peppers, a photo frame and some Onion Bhaji mix – just to make that very point!

Then, David, William and I set about shopping with a view to trying to buy something in all those stores who will be in competition with Tesco.

Warley shopping

  • The Emporium – Cookie Cutters
  • Warley Newsagent – newspaper
  • The Little Florist – bunch of roses
  • The Essex Arms – Mugs of Tea for three
  • AAC Electrical – Batteries
  • Race News – Loaf of Bread
  • Londis – pancake mix, lemon juice, peppers
  • The Pet Shop – bird food
  • Brentwood Market Stall – Popcorn, gravy powder, olives
  • Brentwood Supermarket – Sweets and dog treats for Louis #BrentwoofWest dog
  • Nico’s – chicken baguette (plus popped into ,my regular haunt Sushi City for a chat!)


Topped off with a visit to Tips at Raymond Bottone for my usual nail appointment!

I was really pleased to hear from Londis that they had had additional customers today and were delighted with this fun day of action.  AAC Electrical told me that a mean who had lived in Clements Park for five years had shopped at Warley Hill for the first time ever as he usually just heads in to town!

So, I hope that made a difference today and will make local residents will do all they can to support local traders – although many do, today might have made a bit of a difference!

If you didn’t shop today, that makes it a good reason to get a takeaway tonight of course!

Thanks to my shopping buddies William and David for a fun shopping experience!

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