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Your next county councillor – let’s hope not!

by Cllr Karen Chilvers on 28 January, 2013

A complaint has gone in to Brentwood Council today regarding Cllr Keith Parker, the Tory who wants to de-seat Cllr David Kendall as your county representative on 2nd May.

He’s a real charmer:

Dear Cllr McKinlay

Councillor Parker was sent, online, a copy of my sardonic letter to Councillor Quirk, which was dated 23 January 2013. In this letter I wrote “To improve income levels, perhaps Brentwood Borough Council should engage in a new growth industry i.e. the manufacture of cardboard boxes”, and his reply, online, was; “I would be quite happy for the cardboard boxes if I could pack all your left wing literature to East Germany”, which by the way, is no longer a separate communist country.

My so-called left wing ideas spring from a well of compassion, and Jesus Christ encourages us to love our neighbours even though we do not share the same political opinions.

Councillor Parker’s words indicate an unfortunate lack of tolerance of those whose beliefs are not the ones he holds and he has, in my opinion, acted in a manner that is inappropriate for a Brentwood Councillor.

I strongly believe that he owes me an apology,

Yours sincerely,

[Brentwood Resident]

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