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Tesco Warley Hill – call for public meeting

by Cllr Karen Chilvers on 20 January, 2013

Cllr William Lloyd (@walloyd) have joined forces on this Tesco issue and we need your help in signing our open letter to the Group Chief Executive Philip Clarke.


We have to assume that it is going ahead, albeit we have some irons in the fire regarding planning permission, our responsibility is to ensure they are good neighbours.

So, please sign the petition to support this letter:

Mr Philip Clarke

Group Chief Executive

Tesco PLC
New Tesco House
Delamare Road
HertfordshireEN8 9SL


Dear Mr Clarke

Tesco Express (new store), 114 Warley Hill, Brentwood, Essex

Formal request from local councillors for resident meeting


Tesco have recently announced that they are opening a fourth Brentwood store and, for the second time, will convert a local public house into a Tesco Express without the need to apply for planning permission.

As Brentwood Borough Councillors for Warley Hill, we have been approached by residents in this locality who are both saddened to see the loss of another pub, The Warley Tavern, for many the hub of a local community, and are concerned about plans by Tesco to open this store and extend the existing building.

We have made a clear promise to our residents that, as we are also concerned about this development, we will do what we can to ensure that any changes to this site are not detrimental to residents in and around Warley Hill, a friendly community who care about their environment very much.

It is our duty to ensure that the development of this new store is done with the utmost consideration of local residents and our community as a whole. There are a number of concerns which local residents have raised with us, including:

1 – Local businesses: There are a number of businesses already on Warley Hill providing a good service to the community through the sale of convenience products, food, drink and home supplies. We are concerned about the impact this new store will have.

2 – Traffic and parking: Warley Hill is a major road for residents to come to and from Brentwood Town Centre and is a predominately residential road which is already suffering from issues of speeding traffic, dangerous parking and lack of parking spaces for current shopping and residential needs. We are concerned about the impact this new store will have on an already congested road, especially with the lack of onsite parking spaces.

3 – The ethical and supply chain approach: local businesses have struggled in this recession to survive, many have already sacrificed a huge amount to remain trading, we believe that this new store will further damage their efforts and severely hinder the locally sourced and provided services that Warley currently provides.

4 – Good neighbourliness: We are concerned about the environmental impact of the new store in terms of signage and lighting, noise, refrigeration and extraction units, adherence to opening hours, disruption during conversion, deliveries and refuse.  This concerns are legitimately raised given we have evidence of this at the London Road store in Brentwood, especially in terms of an untidy site.

We are pleased to note from your website, however, your commitment to your Corporate Responsibility objective of “Actively Supporting Local Communities” which states that you want to be a good neighbour in all the communities in which we operate” and that you expand on this by explaining:

“This means listening and responding to the needs and values of local communities, engaging positively on the issues that matter to them, and making lasting contributions that improve local areas.”

With this commitment from Tesco and the need to discuss the concerns raised so far and others that will continue to be raised with us as local councillors, we offer this letter as an open invitation to meet us and local residents at our Town Hall to address these concerns to ensure that should Tesco open a store in Warley you will be willing to act as good neighbours within our strong community.

We look forward to your positive response to our invitation and would add we have placed this letter in the public domain for our local community.

Yours sincerely


Cllr William Lloyd, Warley                                              Cllr Karen Chilvers, Brentwood West



2 Responses

  1. Franki says:

    You seem to have missed the bit out about the large number of residents welcoming a wide selection of cheap products afforded by the economies f scale that Tescocan bring to our neighbourhood.

    You need to represent the whole of your wards members, not just the one you agree with.

    • No, SimonChristophe1, I have not missed the point, This letter is about them being good neighbours when/if it goes ahead. Even those who welcome it are unlikely to want them to be bad neighbours. If you read it first before commenting that would be appreciated.

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