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Why we said NO to a “pizza” the action on Warley Hill

by Cllr Karen Chilvers on 11 January, 2013

At Planning on Wednesday there was an application for a Pizza Hut takeaway on the site of the former bakery.  It was up for approval but I seconded Warley councillor David Tee’s motion to refuse it.

The reasons were threefold:

    1. Parking
    2. Traffic movements
    3. Saturation of takeaways on Warley Hill


Parking is an issue in that area – there are around 20 spaces on that stretch of the hill from the pub to Avenue Road and this does not support an additional takeaway/delivery and add that to the extra traffic movements that this would cause is, potentially, a problem.

How many is too many? Four Indians, Two Chinese, Kebab shop, Fish and Chips, pub, hotel, sushi and two cafes…..

THAT is too many.  It is also not allowed for two non-retail establishments to be next to each other and that was a basis for refusal.

I have nothing against pizza, in fact it would be an alternative, but we can’t squeeze any more into that area safely.

You can watch the debate, and all the reasons outlined, here.


4 Responses

  1. A Hunter says:

    What’s the point of having a planning policy if it is to be disregarded !

  2. It hasn’t been disregarded. In our view, the planning officer’s recommendation was wrong, principally down to the fact that the Highways issues had not been properly considered.

    It also seems that the policy on adjacent non-retail units had been overlooked.

    That’s why you have a Planning committee – to consider the applications and for ward members to put the more detailed case on behalf of their residents.

  3. A Hunter says:

    I maintain that planning policy has been disregarded by the Committee. The planning officers must take into account all policy before making a recommendation.

    Highways were consulted and they did respond and no issues were raised by them.
    Are you saying that either the Highways or Planners didn’t do their job properly ?

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