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Why Tesco can take over…

by Cllr Karen Chilvers on 10 January, 2013

Several residents in #BrentwoodWest and Warley have asked me how it can be that Tesco can just turn a pub into one of their shops literally overnight.

Thing is, shops selling food & drink and pubs operate under the same “class” of commercial establishment so, it seems they can since the law changed in 2006.

Now, it’s down to me and any other councillors who take an interest in the Warley/Brentwood West area to perform a damage limitation exercise.  Tesco will have to apply for signage, refrigeration and extraction – I will certainly be all over them like a scratchy itchy rash.

Residents may wish to consider whether, with another Tesco opening in Hutton soon at the site of an old pub, this might be a deliberate policy on Tesco’s behalf.  I give you plenty of examples: Norwood, Croydon, wimbledon,  Sandbanks Peninsula, Burton, Gosport, Herne, Bristol, Grantham, Southampton, Leicester, Letchworth, Weston… fact there are hundreds.  Just put “pub becomes tesco” into google and be astonished.

You have my word that I will do all I can to mitigate the effect on local residents.  Call me with concerns, any time.


2 Responses

  1. Paul Downie says:

    I’ve got to admit, Karen, my questions are going the other way, here.

    If residents are complaining about a small pub closing and being replaced by by a small pub … why on EARTH weren’t they using the pub … ?

    • I don’t know – probably more than one factor…it was very busy when I bought my flat ten years ago but it’s changed hands a few times, changed name, Essex Arms being renovated, some time with dubious entertainment under previous owner….

      The issue is that Tesco have clearly seen a loophole and exploited it over the last seven years and you don’t often get NEW pubs….

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