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Happy taxpayers? We pay her £210K salary AND treat her to dinner at Rick Stein and Jamie Oliver’s!

by Cllr Karen Chilvers on 7 January, 2013

Fifteen Bloody MaryNice PERK if you can get it eh?

It’s been discovered that Joanna Killian enjoyed some lovely dinners at the expense of us tax payers, on the Cornish coast enjoying the superb food of Jamie Oliver and Rick Stein – on consecutive nights!

Ms Killian, who was Chief Executive of Brentwood as well as Essex when the cheese and grapes were being passed around, has repeatedly said that she told the disgraced peer and ex-Leader of Essex Council to curb his spending but, it now transpires, she must have struggled to get her message across when she was chomping on fine lobster.

Yes, she was part of that quarter of a million pound he chalked up on his council credit card, safe in the knowledge that we were picking up the tab…..

Garçon….another bottle of your finest please…..!

As far as I am concerned, she is complicit in his misdemeanour and I’m not unreasonable.  I do believe that when employees are away on business are entitled to be fed – but usually at the hotel or a nice pub meal.  If it was me, I’d consider around £25 to be the ceiling for a meal and I would pay for my own booze!

Must admit though it does look nice – here’s Rick Stein’s menu and here’s Jamie’s.  Got to be honest, the cockney fella’s menu is good value at £60, well, it’s brilliant value if you’re not paying!

Not that I am absolutely sure why they were in Cornwall or how JK had time to go down there when she was running two authorities.  Still, they’re all in such a good state a few days away at our expense was probably deserved???!!!!

How much longer can they all get away with this and why did the Tories and Labour vote against the Lib Dem request for a full investigation?  Have they all got something to hide?

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