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Remembrance Service

by Cllr Karen Chilvers on 11 November, 2012

On your behalf, #brentwoodwest, I was proud to attend the Remembrance Parade and Service today at the Brentwood War Memorial and at St. Thomas’ Church.

It’s one of the things that I, personally, am honoured to do for the Brentwood West residents who elected me and, indeed, all of Brentwood.

The majority of councillors, of all parties, were there today (some have other church responsibilities though) and I do believe it is something that we all feel is our duty and a privilege to attend, if not this service then another in the borough.

For me, I love seeing the breadth of age groups from very small children in awe of the band and waving their poppies to mature veterans all coming together to honour those who have fought and died in our honour.  Those who carried the flags looked so proud that it made me quite emotional, and I am sure I wasn’t alone.

As in previous years, I proudly wore my large red poppy with a smaller purple poppy to honour animals of warfare.  One little girl with a councillor daddy (and the initials KQ) seemed quite impressed with this and her dad tells me she’ll be writing about it for school….which is lovely!

I would like to thank the Royal British Legion band (who I hear practising for this all year), those who laid wreaths on our behalf and those who organised it at Brentwood Council.  It was a truly spectacular event.

I am sure that most of us know someone who has been personally affected by way and most of us will have historical family tales of war too, but there have been some terrible war atrocities of late that can’t fail to affect us all who live in a free world because of those who went to war for us.

When you go home, tell them of us and say:

For your tomorrow, we gave our today.

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