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Councillors in the dark

by Cllr Karen Chilvers on 9 November, 2012

Many residents are under the impression that their councillors, especially those on the opposition side of the chamber, get regularly updated about what’s going on.  Sadly, it’s more often that we are left in the dark about these things.

In Shenfield, our councillors have oft been left out of meetings with Crossrail, for example, about a major project.  Conservative councillors do get told the latest goings ons.

Luckily, because I speak to a lot of residents regularly I get told a lot, but not from official channels.

Wednesday night’s planning meeting was astounding though – an application was withdrawn BUT no-one bothered to tell the three Liberal Democrat councillors on the committee.  They told all the Conservative members and the Labour rep, but not us!

For a glimpse into what goes on – see the video below.

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