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Scam or seller?

by Cllr Karen Chilvers on 8 October, 2012

I received a report this morning from one of my Clements Park residents that someone was in #brentwoodwest claiming to be visiting residents about re-evaluating their council tax.  After discussion, we thought this wasn’t one for the police as it didn’t look like any contracts were being signed.  However, it’s always worth having a plan for if someone knocks on your door – for instance, if you have an elderly resident you may want to suggest a “we do not buy at the door” notice. Some more advice is available here from the Office of Fair Trading and you may also want to watch the video below to show what you should do. Main tips are:

1. Don’t sign on the spot

2.  Check the trader’s identity

3. Be wary of special offers or warnings about your home
4. Always shop around for the best price
5. Read the small print
6. Double check the facts
7. Talk to someone you trust for a second opinion
8. Don’t hand over a cash deposit
9. Think very carefully before you agree to a trader starting any work straight away
10. Trust your instincts and remember it’s OK to say no.
You can also watch this video.
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