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Environment, Housing & Community Panel – report back

by Cllr Karen Chilvers on 10 June, 2010

Of all the items on the agenda last night, including cutbacks, performance indicators and youth services, it was flower beds that proved to be the most contentious issue amongst the Tory ranks last night.

We are all aware that costs need to be made, but we have some opposing views of where these cuts could be made.  However, in the grand scheme of things, Nigel & I (we were both at the meeting, with County Cllr David Kendall too) feel that this is a cost that could be significantly reduced.  So, we were in agreement that some flower beds, largely within London Road cemetary, should be returned to grassed areas or perennials.  Not losing the greenery at all.  However, some of the Conservative councillors chose this as a major point of objection and argued against the proposals!

But what is curious is that this is a saving of £4,500 but then, £2,000 was agreed to part fund a Boxing Development Officer for Essex.  Now, your Lib Councillors are very supportive of sport within the borough, but we were given:

  • No job description
  • No details of how or where this person would work
  • No detaills of how many councils would share the service
  • No details of the time given to Brentwood residents.

Cllr Vicky Davies, Lib Dem – Pilgrims Hatch, suggested that we agree this for one year and review it to see if we were actually getting a benefit for our residents, but this suggestion was not taken forward.  Our councillors abstained on the vote, but only because they felt that we did not have adequate information to make a decision.  And not for the first time.

Also on the agenda was a review of Youth Services, something that seems to be progressing well and details of the SX Urban Games on 1st August 2010.

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