St Peter’s School expansion – update (ish)



St Peters School South Weald

Frustratingly, I have been unable to get much of an answer from Cllr Ann Naylor, Conservative county councillor for St Peter’s School, or any response at all from ward councillor Anne Coe as to why this expansion was turned down.

This is the primary school of choice for many residents in my ward (although outside of my ward) and I am disappointed that there doesn’t seem to be any fighting and campaigning (or even knowledge) amongst those who represent South Weald.

This evening, I have written to Cllr Roger Hirst, conservative cabinet member for planning at Essex, and await a response.


Dear Roger

Last night you interjected when this was mentioned and said it was the Brentwood Planners who had scuppered the expansion of St Peter’s School.  That kind of an odd answer to give us, ultimately, it is the Essex planning committee that make the decision and I understand you are cabinet member.

Could you give me a little more detail on this as I have a lot of frustrated parents in my ward looking for answers as to why they will have to cart their poor children all over Brentwood rather than helping them build a community on their doorstep.

I would also hope that there is an appetite and action plan to make this happen soon.

Many thanks


Honeypot Lane/Weald Road/Homesteads: Tory development plan revealed


So this is where the Conservatives want to build between 150 – 250 homes (or maybe as many as 300) right beside Honeypot Lane, in a piece of land up to the A12 and neighbouring the Homesteads and Weald Road.

It’s funny, because in 2012 I reported this to local residents and they told me I was scaremongering.  I wasn’t it seems, and it is still rotten news to report.

Our options on fighting this are limited – this will shortly go to consultation and I will, if re-elected in May, keep you informed of what’s going on, stage-by-stage, but if they continue to have an overwhelming majority on the council and this is what leader Cllr McKinlay has decided they will always be able to outvote us.  Remember, councillors from as far away as West Horndon and Ingatestone will have an equal vote on your local area.

Cllr Newberry, Cllr Kendall and I will make representations on your behalf and I will ensure you know where to object.

Of course, I will be supporting residents and voting against these proposals as long as I am there to do so.  The council will discuss these on 27 January.



Pastoral Way parking – the results are in!

pastoral way

Here are the results of the parking survey regarding the parking restrictions in Pastoral Way, opposite Beechwood Surgery

  • 93% of respondents wanted to INCREASE the parking restrictions there
    3.5% said we should DECREASE the parking restrictions
    3.5% said to do nothing

So, the overwhelming majority want more and, this being the case, I will put my findings to the South Essex Parking Partnership for consideration.

Brunel House: Tories say YES to another 45 flats

Slide 42

My lucky #BrentwoodWest residents get even more people crammed into their community as the Tories agreed  last night to vote in yet another 45 properties in the St James Road/Railway Square/Rollason Way area bringing the total number of flats in this small space to over 550.

I don’t know what to say – I have fought this for most of the last nine years as your councillor and at almost every juncture, the Tories have told me that they hear what I say and yet they do the opposite of what I say.

I hope this block never gets built but I fear it will.  I am glad that the one development I did get stopped was the one for the retail store on the ground floor but still, this is what you get when you elect more and more Tories.  Incidentally, Cllr John Newberry and I were there – your Tory councillor was not present.

Please watch HERE to see the debate.


Pastoral Way – parking restrictions


pastoral way


#BrentwoodWest #Clements Park

For a few weeks now, I have been running a resident survey regarding the parking restrictions opposite Beechwood Surgery in Pastoral Way.

I have had a good response, and I won’t say which way it is leaning at the moment, but this is just to let everyone know that I am going to close the survey next weekend (end of Saturday 21 November) and report on the results, submitting them to the South Essex Parking Partnership if the call is for increased parking restrictions.

So this is just a last call to complete the survey HERE.

Oh, but just one thing.  We can’t do anything about the parking in the surgery car park, that’s private land.  We can only do something about the on-street parking.


Pastoral Way parking survey

pastoral way

If you live in Clements Park, this survey is to help you!

I have been advised by residents that parking around the Beechwood Surgery is still a problem.

In order to even start discussions on increased restrictions, I need to know, and have evidence of, local opinion.  Therefore I have set up a very short survey just to see what you think.

You can access it here.

A sad crime in #BrentwoodWest

A very upsetting crime has taken place in Sanders Court in Junction Road and Cllr John Newberry and I have offered support to the residents there.

For reasons we may never fully understand, one of the residents in this assisted-living complex, started to steal from his friends and neighbours (as reported by the Brentwood Gazette) and has now gone to prison for 16 months.  As my grandmother lives here, I have been personally quite concerned about this and so glad it is all over.

But, I also want to assure residents that this isn’t a crime wave.  This was one individual who did wrong, and he was caught.  However, we do of course have a retired ex-police sergeant on the team in Brentwood West and he’s offered to give a crime talk to any of the five retirement homes we have in Brentwood.



brunel house

Cllr John Newberry, my superb ward colleague, was awesome last week when he spoke on the above planning application on behalf of Brentwood West, as was the exceptionally good speaker Laura Ngo, who spoke on residents’ behalf.

Another 45 flats here would be, as he said, squeezing a quart into a pint pot and the committee listened and voted AGAINST!

Time and time again,we tell developers that we can’t fit any more large numbers of people in to this area – although there were some parking spaces – one for every two flats – this doesn’t take into account the fact that these residents would have shopping delivered, medical visitors and, oh yes, friends and family.

There’s also quite real concerns about the limited access to properties in St James Road and Rollason Way.

My colleagues also spoke in some detail about the problems that carers have parking there and placing them in danger, supporting the residents and the sustainability of Brentwood.

It’s worth watching THIS bit of video, if not simply to see who is standing up for you but also for the classic piece of Tory living-in-a-fantasy world-nonsense spouted by new Tory councillor William Trump – apparently you should all just get on your bikes (not listening to the points made about visiting health professionals made by Cllr Morrissey!)

We will keep on fighting!

The only way is up!

Well, I’ve had better election weekends (2007, 2012 and 2014) and I have had worse ones (2008 and, oh goodness, 2011) but, here I still am…fighting for what’s right, fighting for fairness and fighting for Brentwood West residents.

Alison FulcherSo, we don’t have Alison Fulcher as new Brentwood West councillor, that’s a terrible shame.  This lady is superb and she WILL make an excellent councillor and we will get her elected.  I would like to pay tribute to her wonderful campaign and her almost 1,100 votes that, in any other year, would see her elected!

Don’t underestimate this lady – she will be a councillor in Brentwood some time soon!

Although, Brentwood West, it won’t be here I am afraid, you’ve missed out on Alison.  It’s me next year and, yes, I fully intend to defend my seat on 5th May 2016!

So, with a big Tory turn out at the general election, the Tories took 11/12 seats – the only one we held was that of super popular Mayor Vicky Davies who will serve Pilgrims Hatch for another four years.  Well done Vicky!

Aside from that, the three former Brentwood First seats went Tory, Labour’s Brentwood South seat went Tory and, the most crushing blow of all, we lost Brentwood North by 32 votes and were deprived of Gavin Dadbridge as a new councillor.  I hope he will be back next year.

What’s worse, is that now the Tories have the control of Brentwood now.  So, expect:

  • Old House to go back up for sale
  • All the work we have done on the William Hunter Way development – where we finally got something residents wanted – to be thrown away and a return to a nasty development the Tories want
  • Community funding and ward budgets to be slashed (this past year, Holly Trees School, Chichester House, Victoria Court, Kings Chase Church and South Weald Parish Hall benefitted)
  • Cemetery lodges to remain out of use and empty
  • Overdevelopment and back garden grabbing
  • Resident communication to cease and an end to transparency
  • Good council staff to leave and some to be paid off….

Lucky us!

I would like to thank the 1,088 people who did come out and vote Lib Dem for Alison and, of course, John, David and I will continue to work hard for you as your local councillors.

We really did feel it was a privilege to run our town, not a right, and we will continue to represent the people to the council, not the other way around.