Chips get the chop next to Warley Hill Tesco

 Russell Quirk, Cllr Jill Hubbard, Nigel Clarke and Cllr Karen Chilvers with (front) L-R: Lilly, Kaia and Rosie Quirk

Delighted to see that the proposed fish and chip shop next to Tesco on Warley Hill has been refused – this would have been a nightmare for residents in the area who are already having their daily lives blighted by the traffic chaos Tesco has caused.

Photo courtesy of the Brentwood Gazette with the full story here.

Kings Road HMO application refused!

I am pleased to report that this application was refused on Tuesday, unanimously, and you can see me protecting Brentwood West here.

But after the meeting, things took an unexpected turn when I spoke to the beleaguered, and most pleasant, applicant and his agent.  You see, my main objection to this one were the proposed living conditions but it seems that they were pushed in to this type of application by officers.  I’m not happy with this and have suggested we meet before they put in another application so we can look at what is right for the area.  They were warm to this idea and I hope to hear from them soon so we can get this building back in to use, to complement the area around Brentwood station.

Unless I had been actively looking at what is proposed in my ward, this would have just gone through – see I don’t wait for residents to call me, I am there working on your behalf and protecting your interests wherever I can.

Planning recommendations week ending 2nd April 2015



In #Brentwoodwest this week there is a recommendation in Kings Chase and an update on the proposed takeaway on Warley Hill:

Please note THIS IS NOT yet a decision – I am able to refer to planning committee now.


Recommended for REFUSAL

If you have any issues with the above officer recommendation then please get in touch with me as soon as possible. The deadline for referral is midday on Monday 13th April 2015 to refer the above item to the Planning Committee for further discussion.

PLUS some good news from the other side of Warley Hill in Warley ward:


Recommended for REFUSAL

This is going to be a relief for residents in Brentwood West and Warley – a takeaway next to the already difficult Tesco store would have caused a nightmare for residents.  The summary also contained a letter from my Lib Dem colleague Cllr Jill Hubbard, working on behalf of residents as you will find our lot do:

A letter of objection has been received from Cllr Hubbard which, in summary, raises the following concerns; concerned about the access; the service road behind the houses in Warley Hill should not be used. The lives of residents have already been affected by Tesco. It is hazardous and residents suffer from cars parking outside their houses, leading to congestion and dangerous traffic incidents. This proposal would make this situation worse. Cars would be a constant nuisance and source of noise close to gardens, residents would be affected by cooking smells and littering and there is already a Fish and Chip Shop opposite Brentwood Station. There are considerable parking problems further down Warley Hill due to the restaurants and take-aways.

For more information on the planning process, please see my advice here.

Parking Fees reduced!



one hour successParking charges to go down under the Accord Administration!

With the Lib Dems, I can’t remember a time when we weren’t fighting to make parking fees more reasonable!  Now we have done it – and the Tories voted AGAINST our plans!

We pulled this off by being fair – we introduced an overnight parking charge of £2 to capitalise on the TOWIE visitors.  This has yielded around £60,000 in income which has meant we can do the following:

  • Reduce the all day car parking fee from £10.50 to £8.00

  • Introduce a new Saturday workers fee of £4 in Westbury Road Car Park

  • Introduce a new £30 weekly charge in the William Hunter Way Car Park

This will take around ten weeks to introduce once it is advertised and consulted upon.

It is unbelievable that the Tories voted against on the basis that we hadn’t reduced it enough, despite them voting for a 117% increase in the one hour charge in 2012 (and that includes current Brentwood West Tory Cllr Will Russell, who’s up for re-election in May).

It’s also interesting to see that another Tory scaremongering activity didn’t come true.  Back in 2011, two days before I lost my seat, they put out a leaflet in Brentwood West saying that, should a night time charge be introduced then people would be forced in to the side streets to park and, therefore, we would all be wading around in “rivers of vomit”.  Yes, they put that on a leaflet and people believed it!  So, watch what they say when it comes to May’s elections!  It turns out not to be the case, so just as well no one opened up a Wellies Shop in anticipation.


Councillor candidate news

I am delighted to announce that Brentwood West resident, charity worker, carer and artist Alison Fulcher will be our candidate for the May 2015 ward councillor elections.  Alison would join County Cllr David Kendall, Cllr John Newberry and me working for local residents as your local councillor and continue the work of The Accord administration.  I am sure you will welcome her to the team.

Alison Fulcher


Alison has lived within the Brentwood West ward with her family for several years, attending senior school at the Brentwood Ursuline High Convent School (1982-1989).

Alison has considerable experience within the care sector and wishes to contribute this knowledge and experience in her potential role as Councillor. Her past experience includes working alongside patient experience groups for Community Healthcare Services and Inclusion Support work for the local charity The Frontline Partnership.

Having studied Fine Arts as a mature student – Alison has combined her own Art practise with her care work experience. Alison has also supported and run Sensory Art projects, community drawing and drama workshops within schools and community venues within the local area.  Further to this experience Alison is a media representative for the national charity Gingerbread and works for a well-known Humanitarian Charity in Brentwood.

If elected Alison, following the example of the Accord, will support cross party collaboration. Listening to residents’ concerns and needs with an awareness of local business and charitable support with a keen willingness to find a solution wherever possible – her promise of relentless hard work and commitment will ensure that she is worthy of your vote and a potential Councillor for keeps.

Allison hopes are that residents will contribute their views and opinions freely as she has done and wishes to see Brentwood’s future shaped in a way that represents the community as fully as possible.

Alongside priority issues such as crime, anti-social behaviour and care in the community whilst paying close attention to the needs of local businesses Alison would also like to see the cultural needs of the community continuing to be met – believing that this is an important way of bringing together community and engaging those sometimes feeling more isolated.

Warley Hill: potential crossing

In response to a resident query, I asked Cllr Kendall for an update on the crossing for Tesco Warley Hill.  He tells me:

1) The numbers of people crossing Warley Hill meets the County criteria for having a pedestrian crossing.

2) The County officers are now looking at a location for the crossing somewhere between Lorne Road and Junction Road where the pavements are wide enough to take it.

3) following discussions I’ve had with Tesco they have agreed to contribute £20,000 towards the cost of the crossing.

4) The issue is going to hopefully be progressed at the next Brentwood Local Highways meeting on March 23rd. I am hoping to get the balance of the cost allocated from our new budget at that meeting.

Planning recommendations week ending 30th January 2015


In #Brentwoodwest this week there are applications in Copper Beeches (Warley Hill) and Belvedered Road

Please note THESE ARE NOT yet a decisions – I am able to refer to planning committee now.


Recommended for APPROVAL


Recommended for APPROVAL

If you have any issues with the above officer recommendation then please get in touch with me as soon as possible. The deadline for referral is midday on Monday 9 February 2015 to refer the above item to the Planning Committee for further discussion.

For more information on the planning process, please see my advice here.

Tesco Warley Hill – parking chaos update

tesco shuts evry little storeI’m sure everyone has been delayed on Warley Hill by the parking problems caused by the new store….we gave you an update in August on a number of things we were trying to do including the introduction of double yellow lines.

This is now being progressed and a consultation is currently underway (see the signs on Warley Hill).  This probably explains it best:

The South Essex Parking Partnership (Borough of Brentwood)

(On Street Parking and Waiting Restrictions)

(Amendment No.19) Order 201*


Since the opening of the Tesco store in Warley Hill, Brentwood Councillors have received complaints that vehicles are parking outside the store causing congestion and traffic flow issues, along with reduced sight lines when vehicles exit Tesco car park. Warley Hill, on the east side of the road outside the Tesco store, is subject to a prohibition of waiting from Monday to Saturday between the hours of 9am to 6pm. The request from Brentwood Borough Councillors is to replace the current restriction with a prohibition of waiting at all times (double yellow lines) so that enforcement can be carried out at all times. It is acknowledged that some vehicles park on the current restriction during the prohibited time and take a chance that they will not receive a penalty charge notice. However, it is generally agreed that double yellow lines are more respected and may reduce the amount of vehicles parked in contravention.

The proposed Order will better facilitate the passage of traffic using the road and improve sight lines, at all times, for vehicles exiting Tesco’s car park; which will avoid danger to persons or other traffic using the road and for preventing the likelihood of any such danger arising.

This is a transcript of the order that lets you know what to do if you wish to support or object the proposals, the deadline is 6th February:

The South Essex Parking Partnership (Borough of Brentwood) (On Street Parking and Waiting Restrictions) (Amendment No.19) Order 201*

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Chelmsford City Council acting on behalf of the South Essex Parking Partnership in exercise of the delegated powers of the traffic authority Essex County Council granted under an agreement dated 31 March 2011 (and subsequently varied by Deed of Variation on 15th June 2011 and 27 July 2012) proposes to make the above Order under Sections 1(1), 2 (1) to (3), 4(1), 4(2) and Parts III and IV of Schedule 9 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.

Effect of the Order: To revoke the ‘No Waiting Mon-Sat 9am-6pm’ waiting restriction and substitute with ‘No Waiting At Any Time’ waiting restriction on the following length of Warley Hill in the Borough of Brentwood: 

East Side from a point 15 metres north of its junction with Woodman Road in a northerly direction for a distance of 119 metres

This Order will be incorporated into The Borough of Brentwood (On-Street Parking and Waiting Restrictions) Order No.131 by substituting Area Code plan S51 Rev15 to Rev16.

A copy of the proposed Order, of the plans of the restrictions, and of the Order to be amended together with a copy of this Notice and a Statement of Reasons for proposing the Order are available in the Civic Reception, Civic Centre, Chelmsford CM1 1JE and Brentwood Borough Council, Town Hall, Ingrave Road, Brentwood CM15 8AY where they may be inspected during normal office hours, or online at

If you wish to object to the proposed Order or write in support of it you should either send an e-mail to or write to the undersigned stating the reasons for your objection or support by 6th February 2015

Dated: 15th January 2015


Brentwood’s future: The most important consultation ever


Today is the launch of the Strategic Growth Options Consultation – it might sound dull but it really is something you should read, consider and engage with by completing THIS response paper.

Listed in this consultation are all the sites to be considered for development because Brentwood Council is required to meet local housing needs. Evidence, from central government, suggests that need is around 360 new homes per year, or 5,500 new homes over a 15 year period. The capacity of brownfield sites in urban areas over 15 years is 2,500, some 3,000 short of total need and we have to find places to build them.

Please be absolutely clear that this is NOT necessarily where we, as the administration, WANT to develop and in some cases it would be good to see them totally and finally disregarded as sites for development.  Although many Tory councillors will say differently as they accuse of us of trying to build in your back yard.

One clear example of this is Hopefield Animal Sanctuary…over my cold, dead body (and those of Cllr Aspinell, Newberry, Carter, Quirk, Mynott, Sapwell and many more) will anyone build anything here but the Tories are now whipping up a storm and saying that that is what we want.  That’s not true.  I will be making my own very strong representations on this one and this site will, I hope, be rejected as a development site.  However, we leave this, or any inappropriate site, off the list for consideration and it is open season for any developer for fifteen years because it is left in a developmental abyss of “no status” and we cannot argue effectively against a housing proposal.

If a site has been considered and rejected as part of our local plan, that has more chance of holding up against a planning permission appeal.

The following sites are listed as Brentwood West, but you may want to look at the list for those near you that are in other wards that adjoin West (namely Brentwood North, Brentwood South, South Weald, Warley) and anything else that might be important to you:

  • Land north of Highwood Close, Brentwood
  • Land north of Highwood Close including St Georges Court, Brentwood
  • Brentwood railway station car park
  • Land at Honeypot Lane, Brentwood
  • Westbury Road Car Park, Westbury Road, Brentwood
  • Site on corner of High Street / Western Road, Brentwood (Former Napier Arms)
  • Land adjacent and rear of 207-217 Crescent Road, Brentwood
  •  18 Westbury Drive, Brentwood
  • Land at Crescent Road (open space), Brentwood
  • Victoria Court, Victoria Road, Brentwood
  • Hubert Road Industrial Estate
  • BT Offices, London Road, Brentwood
  • La Plata Grove, Brentwood
  • 14-16 Westwood Avenue, Brentwood

I also think it is worth pointing out these, in South Weald ward that are near West (but not all of them in that ward):

  • Land rear of The Bull Public House, Brook Street, Brentwood
  •  Land adjacent 50 Spital Lane, Brentwood
  • Brook Street employment area
  • Academy Place, Brook Street/Spital Lane, Brentwood

and these in Warley ward that are near West (but not all of them in that ward):

  • Former Mascalls Hospital, Mascalls Lane, Warley
  • Land adjacent to Carmel, Mascalls Lane, Warley
  • Land adjacent Hill Cottage, Warley Road, and Mill House, Mascalls Lane, Warley

Once again, please be absolutely clear these are not our intended or favoured sites – they are for consideration and we need your input so we can reject those that are just WRONG!

As an example, let’s look at 14-16 Westwood Avenue.  To my knowledge, there have been four recent attempts at putting an inappropriate development here.  There is no way I want this to be a development site so I will ensure that my feelings are known based on the work I have done with residents in Westwood Avenue.  That being done, should it be rejected as a site for development, it makes it much easier to say NO next time a greedy developer tries to build half a dozen houses there.  If it is not included – open season….we stand no chance.

My views on the other sites are varied – some may be appropriate and some certainly aren’t.  I am not here for my personal opinion though – I am here to represent you and to form a view based on weighing up the views of the people I represent.  So please let me know what you think and let me argue for you but, the most important thing you can do is to take part in this consultation and make sure you get the Brentwood you want in the future.

I am here for advice and discussion if you need me – the consultation ends on 17th February 2015.