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Jo Cox MP

by Cllr Karen Chilvers on 17 June, 2016

May she be ever remembered for being a bright young woman who was an example to everyone in politics… Thinking of Jo’s family, friends and residents and wishing that we lived in a better world, which was exactly what she was fighting for. Jo Cox MP 1974 – 2016 

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Don’t be scared – it’s an ACTUAL consultation

by Cllr Karen Chilvers on 12 June, 2016

In Brentwood, we are so used to consultation to back up an already-made decision that I think people are fearful when they are actually asked their opinion. This weekend, I have written to residents of certain roads asking their opinions on parking restrictions.  I have had to reply individually to some because I can sense […]

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Disabled parking spaces now out of use!

by Cllr Karen Chilvers on 9 June, 2016

Is is a conspiracy?  As  my letter appears in the Gazette the disabled parking spaces are then blocked off by ECC contractors! This happened last week, I thought for a few days, but there is no clue as to how long this will be for.  I explained the problem to County Cllr David Kendall and […]

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50 Crescent Road – permitted

by Cllr Karen Chilvers on 9 June, 2016

Blue Badge Parking in Brentwood

by Cllr Karen Chilvers on 8 June, 2016

Here’s my letter that appeared in the Brentwood Gazette today, although they removed the bit about #TOWIE’s Miss Gemma Collins….. In February this year, after three freak accidents in as many years, exacerbated by some long-term health conditions, I finally had to admit that I was disabled.  Not exactly what I wanted to do just […]

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I’ve voted to REMAIN in the EU

by Cllr Karen Chilvers on 7 June, 2016

Because I really want a world where we are working together and not talking of building walls and “sending ’em all back” etc etc. So, this is from me, to give everyone something to think about whilst various politicians tear lumps out of each other….

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Lorne Road – Craven Gate planning application

by Cllr Karen Chilvers on 7 June, 2016

Good news – the applicant has withdrawn the planning application to increase the height of the roof….which will delight the residents in Junction Road who would have been overlooked!

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On election night I made a speech when I won my seat back an the Gazette carried it thus: “One thing I would like to say is that politics needs to be better. We all need to clean up our act not try and scare the public. Democracy would be better for that.” Read the […]

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Just watch as Cllr Louise McKinlay attacks and embarrasses Cllr Aspinell for having a disability to make a political point. This has got to stop.

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Environmental communication

by Cllr Karen Chilvers on 19 May, 2016

This year, so far, I have had a number of issues (6) where council officers and their volunteers have removed trees and vegetation without due notice to local neighbours. One of the first things I did when re-elected was to ask for a meeting with Phil Ruck, Chief Executive of the council, to discuss this […]

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