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Cromwell Road Play Area – clarification

by Cllr Karen Chilvers on October 12, 2014

I just wanted to set the record straight as – once again – little untruths are being told about me.  Conservative Cllr Will Russell is telling residents that, back in 2011, I wanted to the Cromwell Road Play Area shut down. This is completely untrue.  He is threatening to publish an email conversation about it.  I have […]

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  Over the weekend, each household will receive a letter addressed to whoever is on the council tax account about the William Hunter Way consultation and here’s why… On 1st September 2014, after the failure of the former Tory administration’s town centre development (along with eight wasted years and hundreds of thousands of pounds) the […]

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UPDATE: Tower Hill/Weald Road and “Shame on Cllr Chilvers”

by Cllr Karen Chilvers on September 17, 2014

Well, that told me for daring to bring resident concerns to committee for debate and discussion. For over four years, I have tried to get maintenance for the Tower Hill/Weald Road alleyway.  I’ve even cleared it myself with former Cllr Nigel Clarke, and Cllr John Newberry has been down there to tidy it up recently. […]

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We are in Accord!

by Cllr Karen Chilvers on June 15, 2014

I am delighted to say that, last Wednesday evening, we removed the inept, stifling Tory dictatorship from power.  In a somewhat historic move, Brentwood Council is now under the leadership of an “Accord” comprising 11 Lib Dem councillors, 4 Brentwood First councillors, 3 Labour councillors and the independent councillor Roger Keeble. Cllr Barry Aspinell (Lib […]

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School Crossing Patrols: Lib Dems force Tory U-Turn

by Cllr Karen Chilvers on May 20, 2014

After calling us “puerile” and “a joke” for our motion to cancel the axing of School Crossing patrols, the Tories had a change of heart today and decided not to. I’m sure this has nothing to do with a major panic about the elections on Thursday…nothing at all. Still, a result is a result and […]

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School Crossings? Tories just don’t care…

by Cllr Karen Chilvers on May 13, 2014

  Today, Cllr Roger Hirst (up for election in Hutton South next Thursday) voted against a Lib Dem motion to stop the axing of school crossing patrols in Brenwood.  Do I need to say more? I think not.

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Injury woes!

by Cllr Karen Chilvers on May 3, 2014

    You’ll know that I have mentioned that I had a couple of accidents over the past few months and I’ve thanked many people for bearing with me.  Of course, Cllr Roger Hirst and his Tory chums weren’t so kind and decided subjecting someone hardly able to breathe and leaning heavily on a walking […]

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  Well, things have taken an interesting turn today!  A Conservative candidate has had to resign after tweeting racist and homophobic views and leaves Brentwood South in disarray!   For certain now, this is going to be a Tory loss on 22 May as Dave is no longer a Tory member so even if he […]

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I tend to like a cup of tea at 6am, if I am up, but not Tory councillor Roger McCheyne….as he pours wine on his cornflakes from the safety of his tractor on his farm out in rural Brentwood…knowing that it’ll just be the poor folk of Brentwood West and Warley who will be dealing […]

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There have been parking issues in Honeypot Lane and Kavanaghs Road for a little while, first of all due to the builders of The Beeches deciding to park in these roads and, most recently, the decision of BT to hire out some of their office space but without parking spaces.  Of course, people have been […]

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