Warley Country Park path

A number of #BrentwoodWest residents have raised the issue of this path and I am glad to have a bit of an update.

5 Jan 13 - Warley Country Park being assessedThis week, council officers will be getting a quote for the path to be repaired.  Depends on how much it is, but we may be able fund it from a pot of money ward councillors have – I am actually working with Cllr Will Russell on this as it will probably take up both our budgets.  If it’s more, we will have to come up with a plan….but we will keep you posted.

However, what I am annoyed about is that more than one resident has just been pushed from pillar to post – they rang Brentwood and were told it was Highways, so were sent to talk to Essex or Harlow and back again, and around in circles……

It’s Brentwood land – more of a track than a road – and is part of the Warley Country Park area.

So, just come straight to me in the future…..!

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