Tesco Takes Over Town

So, the lucky people of Warley Hill and surrounding area are to have the delights of a Tesco Express.

If the state of the London Road one is anything to go by, with boxes and grime all over, then here lays my concern.  If Tesco are happy to be good and responsible neighbours then that’s fine but if not, they should be prepared to endure my wrath.  And it won’t be pretty.

It is unfortunate that we cannot do anything to stop the conversion from a pub due to current planning laws and this is the second time it has happened in the past year.

I am, of course, concerned for the shop in Crescent Road and the businesses in Warley Hill and I hope they have enough loyalty and support to survive.  It’s going to be difficult though and it will change the nature of the area, I hope not to extreme detriment.



2 thoughts on “Tesco Takes Over Town

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