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Clements Park: parking consultation requested


clem park 2Today, five years after their installation in #BrentwoodWest, I have called for a review of the parking restrictions in Clements Park.

Over these years, and even today, residents have raised a number of concerns with me and I think it is timely to review what was something of an experimental policy of no give way lines on the development.  The restrictions were cobbled together before I was elected and I think a very different sceheme would have been put in if, at the time, I was there as your councillor.  Further, the development had not been inhabited fully then and those who live there deserve the chance to have their say.

Feeling strongly about this, Cllr David Kendall and I undertook a survey but the Tories turned down our request for a review, even though 66% of residents were unhappy.  You can read more here.  It’s sad to note that a number of residents have moved out of the area because of the parking problems.

These are the issues that I have asked to be reviewed:

  • Limited improvements to safety around Holly Trees Primary School
  • Safety issues due to lack of “give way” lines and blind bends
  • Lack of signage for speed and warning/safety
  • Limited parking spaces, especially for those in flats and without off-street parking
  • Difficulty in finding parking spaces for visitors due to lack of residents parking zones
  • Neighbourhood disputes because of parking pressure
  • Parking pushed into areas without restrictions (such as Osborne Heights and Kipling Close)


We will now wait and hope that, this time, something will be done and I hope this starts with a formal survey asking for residents’ views.

Of course, if the majority are happy then nothing will change but, let’s do the decent thing and ask!



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