No job? Broke? Facing homelessness?

Well, there’s an easy solution according to Conservative Cllr Roger Hirst, Deputy Leader of the Council.


It’s that easy – I bet you all feel daft now don’t you!?

This is also the man who, a couple of years ago when the recession started to bite and people were really struggling, told the council a tale of his purchase of a Waffle Maker.

I suggest Cllr Hirst, as Deputy Leader of this council, finds his way out of his Hutton Mount home and goes and meets some people who are really experiencing difficult times.  Some of his colleagues should go with him too, based on some of the things said tonight.

I have been there – quite recently – and it’s not funny.  No matter how “resourceful” I was, it didn’t make it any easier to pay the mortgage when there was no money coming in.

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